Outsourcing Customer Service & Support

In and Outbound Call Center Services

A call center accentuates how serious a company is about the quality of its products and services and about the feedback of its customers. A poor call center service can deteriorate a business’ image badly amidst its existing and likely buyers. Contrarily, an excellent call center service can encourage even the least interested person to do more enquiry about a particular product or service of the company and turn a completely dissatisfied customer into an impressed customer.

At Contact Center Solutions, we have a team of skilled and experienced customer care professionals. We provide them state of the art customer care tools so that they can provide your customers with an unmatched customer care experience.

You will soon notice the reality of our claims after hiring us as your inbound or outbound call center outsourcing partner. You will notice a great positivity in the market about your products.

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions-
Being a team of qualified call center professionals, we ensure you provide the best customer service outsourcing solutions. Our team specializes in high-grade customer care, inbound sales, order processing, customer relationship management, technical support, chat support, and email response. They will handle the queries, suggestions, and anger of your customers so well that everyone will leave the conversation with a satisfied resolution.

Affordable Call Center Services-
Though quality call center services appeal every business house, many business people could not go for the same. They find quality customer support outsourcing out of their budget, so they have to succumb to a low quality service. Our call center services are very much affordable. We have designed our services considering the budget of every business type.

Professional Call Center-
Professionalism flows in our nerves. We have served numerous companies from all around the world. Most of them have appreciated our professionalism, as they have got positive reviews about our call center services. Our professionals do not sympathize with your dissatisfied clients, but empathize with them in such a professional and convincing manner their disappointment and anger disappears with ever conversation.

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services-
An Inbound call center is the backbone of any business – a weak, incapable call center can sink your business while, a strong, capable one can take your business to new heights. People call into a call center in order to obtain information about anything or make a complaint against any trouble they are faced because of your products. How your outsourced customer service deals with your customers determines your image in the market.

Ours is a team of highly competent customer care professionals. We have a highly qualified recruitment team committed to hiring the best call center professionals for our clients. The best thing about the team is every member is dedicated to doing better than your expectations.

Customer Support Call Center-
Missed calls can be your missed orders! This is our belief, so we do our best to ensure a single call should not go missed. We always searched for new ways to keep our call center services the best. In customer support call center service, we take orders from your customers and make their entry into a CRM so that you can know about the order.

Orders on Phone Service-
We offer phone-ordering service in both personal and professional manner. We receive orders from the customers of our clients on phone calls and then forward the order immediately to the client so that order can be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Have any doubts regarding outsourcing customer service from us? Feel free to talk about them to us.

Promising a Quick Increment in Your Sales with a Better Relationship with Your Customers

Every business owner always tries to reach as many people as possible through various available techniques. Of course, online marketing, newspaper advertisements play an important part, but every targeted customer may not be able to view these ads. Do you think normal marketing strategies will work in favor of your business? Yes, they can but up to a certain extent only. But to add an edge you need the support of an outbound call center outsourcing service. At CCS we provide our customers with a broad range of call center outsourcing services. Inbound or Outbound call center outsourcing is one of them. The high-level expertise of our representatives can help you in spreading your business quickly across the targeted market.

Get quick increment in sales:

CCS is the first choice for many medium size and large size business organizations for call center outsourcing services. We have maintained our clients’ trust by supplying top-class results in mentioned period. You don’t need to search for our alternatives as we will bring larger sales for your business. Our contact center agents are well trained and equipped with incredible marketing skills. They know how to have a healthy discussion with your clients and solves the queries with ease. We market your services, increase your sales, inform you about the chances of growth in unknown markets and that’s will definitely help you in planning better business plans for the growth.

Why CCS?

It would be exaggerated to say that we are the only contact center service provider because there are many companies working in the same industry. What makes us better than our rivals is our ability to handle a large volume of calls every day. Our agents work 24X7 to help you hit the targeted customers of your services. We represent your company and inform customers about your products. They get better details on your products and make the decision about using your services. All these points tell how CCS helps you in expanding your reach to new markets. So, don’t search any further for outsourced call center services because CCS is available for you as the best contact center outsourcing service.

Affordable cost and promise of high-quality work:

At CCS our main focus remains on providing desired support to our clients. We understand that in starting you may not get enough time, resources and money to establish your own call center. You may like to hire support of cheap call center services and we provide our support as one of the cheapest contact center services. So, contact us now and get the best team to endorse your products and services.

Call Center Inbound / Outbound Services

Many call center outsourcing companies are just maintaining the status quo with outmoded equipment and old strategies; Here at Contact Center Solutions, we are helping many of companies increase their market share and profitability throughout the globe.

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

Contact Center Solutions is the best possible option for next generation, multichannel Call Center services. We provide the best call center outsourcing solutions to our international clients. We specialize in high-grade customer care, inbound sales, order-processing, customer relationship management, technical support, chat support and email response.

Affordable Call Center Services

Make your business your business stand out, build customer loyalty and amplify the revenues with our IVR service. With outbound IVR you can provide a proactive customer service, send important notifications, expedite collections and much more.

Let us fill your way with qualified opportunities. Identify and develop sales opportunities with Contact Center Solutions, one of the leading call center service providers. We help our clients improve the quality and profundity of information about their future databases.

Professional Call Center

Get the best mix of quality Customer Support Service without breaking the bank. Contact Center Solutions offers professional call center services at very competitive rates, in a quick turnaround time. Our call center services cater to several companies across the planet. Our call center pricing structure is flexible to the client’s budget and requirements. It can be tailored on the basis of factors like call volume, agent skill level requirement, term of contract / number of hours, complexity level of project, etc.

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

Living up to your expectations is not what we want, exceeding them is… Enhance professionalism and boost up the customer satisfaction with our best-in-class inbound call center service catered to your specific business needs. Whatever industry you’re in, we offer a wide array of inbound call center outsourcing services to help you amplify sales, keep on customers, and create brand loyalty. Agents, staffed here, convey your brand personality constantly and deliver your brand promise in every dealing with your customers. Our outsourced customer service optimizes your cross-channel strategy and helps your customers with our call center models.

Customer Support Call Center

Missed calls means missed orders! With us, answer each and every call. Whether you are advertising a single product, running a large e-commerce site or holding a catalog full of products, agents we have pooled can handle your orders in a professional and efficient manner. Our call center provides order entry service, order taking service and order processing service using our system, or your existing website!

Phone Order Taking Service

Our company allows for answering and phone order taking services in both personal and professional manner. Customers have the option of employing their own Website, a catalog, or conventional advertising methods.

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