Quality Assurance

At CCS, Quality is of prime importance

We believe in sustained quality as a critical factor for our continued success and growth. Our consistent focus on quality benchmarks enable us to isolate weak links and assist in identifying ways and means of improving our processes and adopt best practices.

Our quest for quality of services is not limited to just call center operations. All activities that could affect the service delivery or compatibility with client expectations are viewed as factors influencing quality. In keeping with our mandate, we provide quality services that don’t just satisfy clients, but far exceed their expectations.

Our quality policy is aimed at accomplishing high standards of service by:

  • Effectively maintaining a Quality Management System
  • Continually improving upon its processes and tools
  • Training and Development of every member of the organization
  • Deploying the most appropriate technology and infrastructure

Quality To The Power Of Six.

Six Sigma (6S) is a customer focused, data driven methodology for achieving breakthrough and continuous improvements in business, service processes and their designs in order to be able to provide near-perfect services.

The word “Sigma” is a statistical term that measures how far a given process deviates from perfection. The idea behind Six Sigma is in measuring six such standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limits in any process, to enable us to systematically figure out how to eliminate them and get as close to “zero deviations” as possible.

Six Sigma advantage

  • Helps better understand client requirements.
  • Helps design service processes that meet desired quality levels.
  • Helps in measurement of process performance parameters.
  • Helps in continuous process quality improvements in a transient environment.
  • Helps in reducing process variation.

Critical issues in an outsourced service scenario

  • Understanding customer requirements in a dynamic global environment.
  • Process efficiencies to optimally utilize resources.
  • Process effectiveness for quality and speed.
  • Improve our processes, systems & efficiency.
  • Maintain consistency in the services we provide.
  • Clearly define responsibilities for all employees at all levels.
  • Consistently increase client focus.