Operational Practices

Our operating procedures form an integral part of the Quality Assurance Program. All essential day-to-day operations of the business are covered under this program. Our delivery teams comprise of members from diverse skill sets and backgrounds necessary for the successful delivery of the programs.

Key deliverables achieved:

  • Provide clients and their customers, with a dependable method of contact, through the channel of their choice, and answer their questions in a professional manner.
  • Provide clients with improved brand image by ensuring service professionals have access to accurate, updated information and can assist customers with timely resolution to active issues.
  • Providing clients with customer service information, regarding areas of service issues and customer needs, for further analysis in pursuit of market opportunities.
  • Provide multiple communications channels (Telephony, Chat, Email, etc.) as necessary or desired, offering customer relation processes that are both proactive and reactive to customer demands.
  • Provide a centralized database and offer customers an easily accessible point of contact through the media communication channel of their choice.
  • Offering flexibility to accommodate dynamic shifts in workload and associated staffing requirements.

Our focus is to deliver a call that encompasses the following parameters:

  • Understand: Understanding the nature of the query: we place high emphasis on developing the probing skills of the customer service and sales representatives. This enables the agent to recommend the most efficacious solution in the shortest time frame possible.
  • Recommend: Resolution recommendation based on the understanding of the query, the agent should focus on delivering the most appropriate solution to the customer. This also involves ensuring that the resolution achieves the desired result. The results are documented as per project guidelines for quality monitoring and improvement.
  • Respect: Respect for the customer: the customer must always be treated in a professional and courteous manner.