We follow a structured approach to outsourcing with a definite roadmap, which helps us initiate services on time.


The Evaluation phase involves aggregation and understanding of the clients processes to be outsourced and articulating the risk around these processes. Alignment of outsourcing strategy with the corporate strategy is an important aspect to be addressed at this stage. The next step is to set clear timelines around the outsourcing initiative and identify the most appropriate delivery model that is quick, transparent & accessible to every kind of customer and operational across all platforms.


The Migration Phase begins with defining contract parameters, deliverables and escalation hierarchy at CCS and the client-side. Our Call Center is always ready to commence clients operations, which includes knowledge transfers, construction of operating procedures, training documents and training executives to execute the process. We work with our clients to build & access exhaustive knowledge bases and response templates with a provision for periodic updates on relevant business issues & decisions taken by client to enable us to respond better to the customer / project.


We test the successful transition of processes to our location, while ensuring that interdependent processes are not adversely affected. Transition preparation is vital in maintaining continuity of operations and service levels. As such we try to anticipate the next question and attempt to make the first response as comprehensively as possible to ensure a quick resolution. Our Quality Assurance ensures that structures are formed, accurate and complete in all respects.

Full steam operations & reporting

This involves establishment of “Business As Usual” for the client, where the outsourced processes are executed as per norms laid down in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). By now all processes have entered into steady state operations. Throughout this phase we ensure security and business continuity, tracking and reporting as per SLA metrics, continuous performance improvement & human resource management. We attempt to provide the most comprehensive post-deployment reporting services. Our technology captures every facet of every interaction, from which we build client-specific data sheets for analyzing. By combining user profiles, detailed logging, click-stream and click-through analysis, we can quantitatively determine customer satisfaction levels and enhance our implementations to meet your CRM goals.