Our Approach

CCS delivers advanced technologies and industry best practice management methodologies to all our accounts. However, the heart of our success stems from the people who represent the frontline of our business and our clients’ businesses. CCS’s business model is quite unique to the industry. Our approach enables us to attract and retain the highest quality personnel, including all of our agents, trainers, and managers.

Three key principles drive our Call Center:


Our call center consists of a large supply of quality, bilingual, and career-oriented people. Many local residents identify working in the call center industry as a viable career option and are therefore more committed to their job.


Our employees value a small and intimate working environment. As a result, our call centers will never contain more than 110 seats, despite how large our company grows. A boutique style call center allows us to reinforce a family-like culture while maintaining enhanced quality assurance practices. Through experience, we have learned that boutique style call centers deliver higher employee retention and quality service than large “super” centers with thousands of seats. CSS does not strive to be the biggest, just to be the best.


Our dedicated team of managers focuses heavily on creating a team culture that is closely aligned with our clients’ so that each agent feels dedicated to your brand and communicates with your customers in a way that is consistent with your corporate culture and values.

Outsourcing Partnership

CCS treats every client like a partner. We understand that outsourcing your sales and customer care needs is a significant change and requires trust. We work closely with our clients on each phase of building their call center program to ensure we are always on the right track. We invite our clients to be as involved as they feel comfortable, and encourage direct interaction between our clients and team managers.