Outsource Tech Support Call Center Services

Contact Center Solutions is a name known for offering inclusive BPO and other crucial outsourcing solutions.  Our specialists use their proficiency and enthusiasm to achieve better customer service score.  Committed, laborious, tech savvy specialist leaves no stone unturned to enhance the operational capabilities of your business with better efficient, superior customer service, upgraded technology, restructured processes. Contact Center Solutions manage regular operations, tech support call that permits clients to focus their attention purely on their core business.

The primary aim of Contact Center Solutions is to serve clients with better customer service, tech support call service, improve their sales, establish smooth customer relationship management. All these tactics if methodologically applied can cement your bonding with clients. The positive outcome is a lucrative, robust relationship with clients. Contact Center Solutions is a prominent provider of reasonably priced, effectual outsourcing solutions, tech support call solutions purely designed to cater needs of modern global markets.

By availing the latest cloud computing technology your business can outsource significant portion of its requirement. Contact Center Solutions has become a dependable Business Process Outsourcing service provider. Meticulously designed for handling new generation multichannel call center services, Contact Center Solutions makes herculean efforts to provide promising customer care, tech support call solutions, inbound sales and manage relationships with customers.

Contact Center Solutions is aware about the endeavors required for developing a stellar reputation.  We believe in delivering superb results without charging our clients exorbitantly. It is quite perplexing to choose the best match from wide variety of service providers as each one of them have their own forte.  Feel free to call Contact Center Solutions to discuss any aspect, query about tech support call solutions.  As a client centric service provider, we take optimum care in projecting your positive image. Our assistance has enabled numerous commercial establishments to enhance their market share around the globe.

IT & Telecom Infrastructure

  • Best in class Desktops, Servers, Networking equipment etc.
  • In-house support team & established escalation process.
  • Monitoring & failure notification via e-mail and SMS.
  • Adequate inventory of spares maintained in-house, ensure minimum downtime.
  • On-demand Broadband Internet Connectivity from multiple ISPs.
  • Long Distance carriers from multiple telecom providers.
  • Telecom infrastructure is a mix of Fixed Wired, Wireless and Fiber Optic Internet.
  • Constant review of rapidly changing technology resources.

Physical Security

  • Cameras for monitoring.
  • Premises are guarded 24×7 by security guards.
  • Fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.

Network Security

  • Firewall & Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • Secured V-LAN for Separate Clients.
  • VPN for remote access to senior personnel & clients.
  • Antivirus and Anti-Spy protection.
  • Constant review of security policy.
  • Complete security of all data.
  • Daily backup and offsite storage at different secure locations.