We Provide Hosted Call Center Solutions

CCS is a winning Outsourcing Call Center

We have years of experience in providing flexible Contact Center Solutions to a wide variety of clients – small, medium, large – all based in the United States. At CCS we value our customers above all else by providing dedicated attention to each of our clients.

CCS has evolved to meet the growing demands and expectations of today’s consumers. We offer Live Agents with Multilingual skills and Chat Support to businesses looking to deliver a consistent and convenient method of contacting their customers. CCS offers a variety of services that include Inbound Call Solutions, Outbound Solutions such as Telesales, Lead Generation, Surveys and Collections, as well as web based Customer Support Solutions such as Live Web Chat.

Our Outbound Call Solutions have increased sales and Customer Care Solutions have enhanced customer loyalty, and reduced costs for numerous small, midsize, and enterprise-level clients.

Call center services are like a double-edged sword that can wound the user itself, if used unprofessionally. You may have noticed a trend during 80s and 90s of companies outsourcing call center services to India and the Philippines in order to reduce their s expenditures and increase their savings. The reason was the labor cost being cheaper in those nations than that to the US and other developed nations.  However, soon, most of those companies had to revoke their decision of outsourcing call center services to Indian or the Philippians companies and look for other options. Do you know what compelled them to revoke their decision? They got many complaints regarding the call center services that affected their business largely. When they noticed a significant fall in their business, they had to change their decision and search for the best hosted call center to change the damaged perception of their customers and about their products/services. Our intention here is not to criticize any call center based in India, Philippines, or any other country, but to make you understand how important call center services are for a business. A wrong decision about them can result in a big business loss. Learn from their past and do not take a wrong decision.

At Contact Center Solutions, we very well understand how important call center services are for a business. In order to ensure, our services should not fail to meet your expectations at any point, we have used advanced tools and technologies and hired highly competent professionals to deal with them. Most of our call center professionals have several years of experience, so they very well know how to deal with a client positively and motivate him to associate with the company.

We provide our customer support services to businesses of all sizes, especially to small businesses. We are the best small business call center.
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